The best varieties of coffee under a single name

The company "Le Cafe de Paris" has been manufacturing premium class  coffee  since 1995. During more than twenty years we have managed to conquer the hearts of many customers, due to our high-quality production. Our services include B2C, B2B and HoReCa segments.

Our work begins from the import of first-class coffee from Ethiopia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras and other countries known for their high-quality varieties of Arabica and Robusta. Before the import to Armenia coffee passes two stages of selection.Thus our coffee is produced exclusively from grains that have heavy weight and large diameter.

Arabica coffee beans are being  roasted to their average condition. It’s necessary to store the coffee in special provided space for preserving its flavor and high taste after roasting. Following these rules we save the distinct flavor and taste of coffee.

The ready production is delivered nearly to all retail outlets and is also sold in our specialized stores. Le Cafe de Paris is also exported to the United States and the Russian Federation.