Cocoa powder ''Le Café de Paris''  -  a 100% pure product, without any chemical additives / the best one in the Armenian market

The company ''Le Café de Paris'', along with its assortment of coffee, also produces cocoa powder. Raw material is imported from Cote d'Ivoire, processed and packaged in our factory equipped with the latest technology in RA, 0089, Yerevan, Jrvezh, Mayak 1/8. 

А treat for capsule coffee Lungo, Espresso, Ristretto, and also instant coffee treats during the "GITELIQ Creative Forum" 
During the forum, "Le Café de Paris" organized a treat for capsule coffee Lungo, Espresso, Ristretto, and also instant coffee treats. We have prepared such coffee drinks as Americano, Espresso, Cappuccino. The appreciation given by people to our coffee is the best reward for our work.

The festival "Coffee and Tea" held in October 2018 with the participation of "Le Café de Paris"


"Le Café de Paris" has always represented only quality products to consumers. The high assessment given by the participants of the festival to our capsule coffee is for us the best reward for our work.

Exclusive proposition to get a free  Nespresso capsule coffee machine


«Le Café de Paris» offers exclusive conditions to Espresso lovers to get a free Nespresso capsule coffee machine. Order online on our website or by telephone 100 capsules and more each month and get a free, on a rental basis, Nespresso De'Longhi capsule coffee machine with delivery, covering the administrative territory of Yerevan ! Capsule coffee machine Nespresso Delonghi EN 80 B Inissia will be  a great way to   start your  day, because it serves an excellent espresso "by the touch of a button". The preparation process is completely automatic. Just one click on the button, and while you are preparing your breakfast, the coffee machine will serve you  an invigorating drink.

The novelty from « Le Café de Paris ». Capsule coffee, designed for Nespresso coffee machine.


Many people love coffee, but very often they don’t  have enough time in order to prepare a high-quality and tasty coffee drink. What to do in a situation where you wish to enjoy a real aromatic and high-quality coffee in case of time shortage? We want to represent you the novelty of « Le Café de Paris » in the Armenian market - Lungo, Espresso, Ristretto !   

Coffee beans of our company are imported from the best coffee plantations of the world -  from Ethiopia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Cameroon and a number of other countries.  

Capsule Coffee.


 Capsule coffee is a small portion (5-6 grams) of pressed coffee powder, enclosed in a sealed capsule. One capsule is determined to serve one a single drink. The capsule is placed in the espresso machine and after pressing the start button of the program, it is being opened with by powerful jet of hot air from both sides. Then its content is mixed with water, which pours under high pressure. Thus, you get a cup of delicious coffee drink, spending a minimum of effort.

What is Capsule Espresso.


Espresso coffee is considered as the "king" of coffee drinks. The basis of its taste is the perfect combination of acidity and bitterness, which gives a feeling of freshness and fullness of taste. Espresso is a traditional form of coffee. It is somehow similar to Arabic culture coffee, also called "Turkish coffee". It is served with small cups and is characterized by sweetness and thick foam.